Roly's Wine Specials

For 40 plus years wine has been a passion, a pleasure and a business for Roly. Roly has always bought quality wines en primeur, cellared them and released them into his restaurants when ready to drink at prices unmatched by others. Wine for Roly is a vital part of any dining experience and makes it possible with less mark up.


White Wines

Bin 1 Sauvignon Blanc 2016, Walnut Block, Marlborough, New Zealand . € 35.00
Bin 9 Petite Arvine 2015 Domaine Rene Favre, Switzerland € 54.00
1st Swiss Wine I ever listed, a Magificent Complex Wine
Bin 10 Lugana, San Benedetto 2016 Zenato. € 36.00
Gold medal winning full bodied fragrant wine from shores of lake Garda
Bin 22 Chablis Premier Cru "Monte de Tonnerre" 2012 Louis Michel Chablis € 78.50
Truly Great wine from the master of Chablis

Red Wines

Bin 36 "Jean" Gamay Noir 2015 Jean Loron, Beaujolais € 29.00
A most enjoyable Quaffing Wine.   by the glass € 8.00
Bin 44 Chateau de Malleret 2010 Haut Medoc Bordeaux € 57.50
A most relliable Cru Bourglois that I first listed in Trudis Restaurant in 1984
Bin 45 Chateau L'Argentier 2011 Languedoc €34
Superb wine 40% Syrah, 40%Grenache 20% Carignan
Bin 74 Rhiannon 2014, St Helena, California € 43.00
Delicious Blend of Syrah, Zinfandel & Barbara   by the glass € 11.00

Wine Specials


  • Bin 8 Gaba Do XIL 2015 Godello € 35.00
    Full Bodied white, round & silky texture with Bright Acidity
  • Bin 42 Gaba Do XIL 2012 Mencia € 35.00
    Medium Bodied Aromatic Red wine from North West Spain

MAGNUMS with great bottle aging

  • Bin 60 The Footbolt Shiraz 2006 D'Arenberg, McLaren Vale Australia € 69.00
  • Bin64 Carmenere Legardo 2008, Reserva De Martino Maipo Valley Chile € 65.00